LoyalKNG Winter 2012 Lettermen releasedate

We’ve been hard at work getting our first exclusive Loyal K.N.G. Letterman jackets together to be released, and the time have finally come for these beauties to drop. And with the date being 12/12/12, it couldn’t be a more momentous occasion for it’s release. These jackets represents our entry into the next level as a brand and adventurous journey of chasing the dream. Each jacket is detailed with the highest attention to particular constructions, fabric sources, sewing styles, and design cues. All jacket are made from the ground up with our own slim-fitting measurements, sourced leather material, and our Loyal K.N.G. philosophies embedded in every crevices. We created a classic with these jackets, and we are proud to present these exclusive Letterman jackets for you guys!

Each jacket are limited to 50 a piece, and will never be made again after sold out as with all of our products, and will retail at 265$ a piece. The release will be tonight at 11:59PMc on 12/12/12 only available in our online store here.

To complement the release we’ve done a short film, “Rebel To Society” (Dir. by Mauricio Lopez), using our Black “LKNG” script letterman, to wrap the story that we wanted to tell around these pieces (short film will be embedded below).

LoyalKNG Winter 2012 Lettermen Black all

The Black Loyal K.N.G. “Rebellious L.K.N.G. Script” logo letterman.

LoyalKNG Winter 2012 Lettermen navy all

The Navy Loyal K.N.G. “Stay Cool Atama” logo letterman.

LoyalKNG Winter 2012 Lettermen red all

The Red Loyal K.N.G. “Atama Love” logo letterman.