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Loyal K*N*G — Music Edition

Street Fighter 2 – Guile Theme Acapella by Smooth McGroove!

Street Fighter 2 - Guile Theme Acapella by Smooth McGroove!

Unchaining the all-American commando in all of us, Smooth McGroove releases this acapella version of Street Fighter’s Guile theme to help us do just that! Nothing will amp your muscles into greater sizes than witnessing this video.

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April 22, 2013   No Comments

Now Listening: Joel Compass “Back to Me”


This 19 year old musician from Brixton, South London, is making rounds across the internet due to his first single entitled “Back to Me.” Aside from his vocal talent, the visuals for his new single is what’s making such a buzz in the internet sphere for the erie dark story behind it. This guy is worth watching as he will be dropping his debut EP this summer and will surely be gaining much momentum this 2013. Dacocoknows and now you do too!

Peep his music video for “Back to me”

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April 13, 2013   No Comments

Now Listening: Kid Cudi’s “Indicud”


I got ahold of Kid Cudi’s anticipated album, “Indicud” today. I must say, Cuddi fans should be excited. It starts off with a hollow arrangement of sounds prepping you to what’s to come. Mixed with melodies that only Kid Cudi can pull off and far out beat arrangements, this new album is sure to please fans of the man on the moon. It also comes with features from Kendrick Lamar, RZA, A$AP Rocky, King Chip and more. Overall a good comeback album from his pervious album “WZRD” that was very much an experimental rock vibe whereas “Indicud” is more close to what we first heard from the Cleveland native. I won’t tell you guys where to find the leaked torrent but if anyone asks…here. DAcocoknows and so do you!

Watch Cudi’s music video for new his single “King Wizard”

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April 8, 2013   No Comments

David Choi’s “Beatles – Blackbird” Acoustic Cover, Serenade W/ A Bird That Only See Men In Black.


Reminiscing towards my days of adolescence, when I would robustly play the guitar and try to scream the words to “The Beatle’s Blackbird” track, David Choi’s new acoustic cover of the song brings back found memories. Playing with amazing guitar skills and a blessing of vocal range, the cover offers true homage to the band that is among legends.

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April 8, 2013   No Comments

Children’s Imagination Run Wild, “Is Tropical – The Greeks” Official Music Video, Burning Real Life A New One.

Is Tropical The Greeks official music video

“Is Tropical – The Greeks” official music video is below and show how wondrous children imaginations can be. Get ready to watch a good rumble of the best as the fight for life and death commence for kids stranded in a world where only one grownup exist.

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April 3, 2013   No Comments