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Loyal K*N*G — Movies Edition

Film Trailer “Star Trek Into Darkness” Captain Kirk Turns On The Dar Knights, Directed By J.J. Abrams.

star trek into darkness trailer

Captain Kirk is leading the Enterprise and it’s crew to the next adventure in threr journey titled, “Star Trek Into Darkness”. The new film shows the fall and rise of our heroes as they go through a pivotal moment in their life.

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March 21, 2013   No Comments

Movie Sins: Everything Wrong With “The Dark Knight” In 4 Minutes Or Less, The Joker Is Flawed.

dark knight flaws

Like every egg can develop a crack so has “The Dark Knight” as it becomes broken down for its sins/flaws. In 4 minutes all and everything that is wrong with The Dark Knight will be revealed and you will find a new love for the film, called imperfection.

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March 21, 2013   No Comments

Gru Is Back, “Despicable Me 2″ Official Trailer Starring Steve Carell On An Journey To Help Heroes!

despicable me 2 trailer steve carrel

Gru has finally come to show you his next appearance will be as a villain fighting to save the world as an aid to all super heroes. With Steve Carell fronting the voice that is Gru’s “Despicable Me 2″ can have no faults,please enjoy the official trailer.

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March 20, 2013   No Comments

Snoop Dog, Aka Snoop Lion’s, “Reincarnated” Documentary Trailer, A Metamorphosis of a Hip-Hop Superstar Into A Reggae Master.

Here is a short exclusive clip of Snoop Dog’s new Snoop Lion documentary titled, “Reincarnated”, the documentary encompasses the renown artist as he broadens his talent from a Hip-Hop Superstar into a Reggae Master.

“The hip-hop megastar spent much of 2012 in reggae’s spiritual home of Jamaica, accompanied by a diverse entourage of global heavyweights such as Diplo’s Major Lazer, Usher and Theophilus London collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid, and Kingston’s Grammy-winning Supa Dups. The result is a bass-heavy album that comes out next month and which shares its title with the release from Vice Film and Snoop’s production company Snoopadelic Films.”

Snoop Lion: Reincarnated on Nowness.com.

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March 18, 2013   No Comments

Tall Tale “John Henry & The Railroad” Retold W/ Whitestone Motion Pictures, Man Vs Machine.

John Henry and The Railroad

“John Henry and The Railroad” is an incredible tall tale retold with the suave of a narrator with talent. The film was created by Whitestone Motion Pictures, with great story telling and great cinematography the audience will find itself absorb into the tale.

“Legend goes that John Henry was a freed slave. John took his only son out looking for work. He was out to make a new life for himself. He heard somethin’ about railroad work needing to be done. So that’s where he went. But trouble was just around the bend.”

John Henry and The Railroad from Whitestone Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

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February 21, 2013   No Comments