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Loyal K*N*G — Movies Edition

Disney X Pixar’s “Monsters University” Official New Trailer, A Monster Inc. Prequel of the College Days.


The Monsters University new trailer has arrived for the masses with a trailer showing the official plot for the film. I must say, Disney and Pixar have done it again, I’m quite excited to sit in theaters for this new film, seems like a great way to show a film on the college life ans show kids why it’s a fun party time! Though I must say my personal college experience has been everything but the party life I never expected it to be.

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May 1, 2013   No Comments

Kick-Ass 2 Official Red Band Trailer W/ Justice Forever Team, Doctor Gravity, Colonel Stars, Hit-Girl, Ect.


Recently had to rewatch the first “Kick Ass” film to remind me why I should be so hyped for the new film coming this June, “Kick-Ass 2″! Below is the official Red Band Trailer show casing the elite that are the make up of the Justice Forever Team with Kick-Ass, Ass-Kick, Doctor Gravity, Colonel Stars, Hit-Girl, and more.

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April 30, 2013   No Comments

A Dose of Nitpicking “Everything Wrong With Iron Man 2 In 6 Minutes Or Less”, Where Metal Suit of Armor Fights The Whipping Man.


Nitpicking at it’s finest as well as revealing huge plot holes in Iron Man 2 shall now commence. Dealing his daily dose of lethal criticism the movie critic takes action as he uncovers the problems that make Iron Man 2 into a sequel to a prequel for the Avengers, only to add fire for the team up movie that came out later that year.

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Gandolf, Aka Ian McKellen, Has Willie Nelson Country Legend Auditioning for “The Hobbit 2″ Role of the Grey Bearded Wizard.


Generally old wize wizard Ian McKellen, AKA Gandolf the grey and white from “Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit” has got to keep an eye on his back, seems like country singing legend Willie Nelson has his heart set on taking the role f Gandalf in the “The Hobbit 2″ for himself! Next I wanna see these two old men duke it out with a good ol’e fiddle contest, the best wins!

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Olan Roger’s SciFi “Pop Rocket” Episode 2: Emperor Cat Laboosh Returns, “Playing For Keeps, Till The Life Juice Weeps”.

Olan rogers poprocket 2

My inner dispensers weeps as the beauty that is the 2nd episode of Olan Roger’s “Pop Rocket” scifi series reveals it’s deep secrets. Crafted and smithed to hammer down a full heated experience, that shows a life juice that reminice of a world that has been long terrorized by the human race, named a future Earth. A beautiful glob of lazer action with well literate word play will commence to pleasure you once the timed button is pressed.

“Playing For Keeps, Till The Life Juice Weeps”.

Olan rogers poprocket 1

Yes the return of Empeor Laboosh has just occurred.

Olan rogers poprocket 3

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April 29, 2013   No Comments