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Loyal K*N*G — Comedy Edition

Dragon Con 2014 “Everything D*Con PARADE, POOL PARTY, LOBBY – Epic Cosplay Music Video” By RealTDragon, Dancing Party Time Included!

All this Time DragonCon_00054

It’s Dragon Con 2014, day 57, over here and the party is still partying as hard as ever! Well at least for RealTDragon it is, who just released his 4th and final video for DragonCon this year, “EVERYTHING DRAGON CON 2014 – PARADE, POOL PARTY, LOBBY – Epic Cosplay Music Video” which show cases girls dancing and swimming as well as guys to. See the parade as if you were there in SLOW-MOTION, or live the dream of swimming with League of Legends cosplayers at the local pool in SLOW-MOTION. Either way it’s a good time filled with smiles and dancing, hope you enjoy.

The con life is alive with an abundance of energy!

All this Time DragonCon_00026


All this Time DragonCon_00035

Seriously, a majority of the video is filled with smiles, dancing, and over all a good time.

All this Time DragonCon_00039

Dragon*Con 2014 was a blast.

All this Time DragonCon_00041

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Dragon Con 2014 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Cosplay Music Video Ft. Kill La Kill, Marvel, League of Legends Cosplay!

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00019

Dragon Con 2014 is being rushed with fantastic videos from all around, catch and see RealTDragon’s latest cosplay lip sync music video set to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell” for the con. The video show cases a various amount of cosplayers from Kill La Kill to League of Legends singing and dancing to the groove of the music!

Kill La Kill on Dragon Con renown photo area stair steps!

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00009

This is about half of the giant Marvel group meet up, many cosplayers came out to show their best.

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00005

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Interstellar “Daft Punk VS DRAGON CON 2014″ Epic Cosplay Dance Party By RealTDragon, Discover The Art of Electric Dance!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party_00000

Dragon Con 2014 starts off with the techno duo, Daft Punk, bringing the funk to the crowd as they travel throughout the con dancing their hearts out and helping people lose their selves to dance. RealTdragon comes together with Cosplay With Me (Jeremy Cardwell) for this fun video and their adventure finds cosplays of all kinds.

The Daft Punk duo dances it off with the Mario Warfare Beat Down Boogie crew!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party 2_00005

Frozen’s let it go, meats bunny, meets Daft Punk!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party 2_00012

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RealTdragon’s A-kon 2014 Naruto Fighting Dreamers “Flow – Go” Live Action CMV In Dallas Tx!

Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00000

Another convention another video, this time at Project A-kon 2014! Realtdragon takes his way of the ninja and akes it into a Cosplay Music Video to Naruto’s “Flow – Go” Fighting Dreamers Opening. The video showcases some fun guitar funk, a various amount of great cosplays, and the fun it is to attend Project Akon in Dallas Tx!

Other cosplayers featured on the cosplay music video!

Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00001

3x Kakashi prepping for a rap battle moment.

Naruto fight dreamers 2_00000

Vegeta & Trunks give fierce glares towards the camera man.

Naruto fight dreamers 3_00002

Cosplayer MasterEmilyChief Frieza cosplay sharing the last moments of your life with you.

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Dallas Comic Con 2014 “How To Pick Up Cosplay Girls” W/ Tdragon!

Cosplay PickUp Pick up Girls @ Dallas ComicCon 2014_00000

Looking for a way to meet/make a girl your friend, more then a friend, or even an acquaintance? Well just give a try at Tdragon’s sure shot methods on “How To Pick Up Cosplay Girls @ Dallas Comic Con 2014″ and maybe your wish will come true! In 3 easy steps you can find your self talking, singing, and dancing with girls like never before.

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