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Loyal K*N*G — Art Edition

Military Nintendo Characters by Coran “Kizer” Stone (Kizer180)! Featuring Mario, Luigi, & Princess Peach.

An artist by the name of Coran Stone (Kizer180) created these explosive illustrations of the Nintendo characters we know like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach but in military fashion! Below are just a few of his art pieces he has finished, so if your loving this you can find more over at his DeviantART page:

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November 27, 2012   No Comments

THRWD Magazine Art Gallery Opening Party Hosted in Dallas TX Feat. Sparks, Joonbug, Arma Sour Grapes, & More

Over the weekend, we visited THRWD Magazine opening release Art Gallery Party. It was an amazing event full of lively folks, good music, great art, and fun! We saw many of our talented artists friends posted up and showcasing some of their latest and greatest works at the gallery. From local Dallas talents such as, Sparks, Joonbug, Diego, Arma Sour Grapes, Riley, and more, I was happy to be able to come through and recapture such an amazingly hosted event. Shout outs to Thrwd Magazine team for the great event!

Some of the THRWD Magazine staff after the event!

Romaboots were at the event representing!

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November 19, 2012   No Comments

Sundays at Rocco’s by StoryCorps! Animated Short Directed by The Rauch Brothers, Art Direction Bill Wray.

Once again the amazing people over at StoryCorps have released another awesome animated short directed by the Rauch Brothers (art directed by Bill Wray)! In this video we see how Nicholas Petron’s grandfather, Rocco Galasso, experiences changes in the growing New York City.

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November 17, 2012   No Comments

2012 Art Con 8 in Dallas TX! A Gathering of 150 Talented Artists & There Amazing Painting Showcases!

A few days ago we dropped through Dallas TX to visit the latest Art Con 8 event to see what was up. This visit to Art Con was our first, so we wanted to catch up with what all the cools happening was about at the Art Con. In the venue were tons of paintings sprawled in all the different corner of the venue. There were 150 specially selected paintings from diverse groups of artists that were being auctioned off to all the interested attendees. And throughout the on going auctions that were occurring, there were multiple bands that were performing to keep the energy alive.

Cody (Rocking our 3 K.N.G.’s button up shirt) and Jeremy relaxing at the event!

The Great Chalk-board of art!

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November 16, 2012   No Comments

Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run” EP Official Music Video, Video directed by Yoann Lemoine!

The Woodkid has just released their latest “Run Boy Run” official music video. The video shows the story of a boy that leaves his comfort zone to find a new world that must be given back to it’s prior residence. Makes me think of Where The Wild Things Are, such a jovial movie, shot in a different aspect.

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November 6, 2012   No Comments