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It’s Dragon Con 2014, day 57, over here and the party is still partying as hard as ever! Well at least for RealTDragon it is, who just released his 4th and final video for DragonCon this year, “EVERYTHING DRAGON CON 2014 – PARADE, POOL PARTY, LOBBY – Epic Cosplay Music Video” which show cases girls dancing and swimming as well as guys to. See the parade as if you were there in SLOW-MOTION, or live the dream of swimming with League of Legends cosplayers at the local pool in SLOW-MOTION. Either way it’s a good time filled with smiles and dancing, hope you enjoy.

The con life is alive with an abundance of energy!

All this Time DragonCon_00026


All this Time DragonCon_00035

Seriously, a majority of the video is filled with smiles, dancing, and over all a good time.

All this Time DragonCon_00039

Dragon*Con 2014 was a blast.

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