Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00000

Another convention another video, this time at Project A-kon 2014! Realtdragon takes his way of the ninja and akes it into a Cosplay Music Video to Naruto’s “Flow – Go” Fighting Dreamers Opening. The video showcases some fun guitar funk, a various amount of great cosplays, and the fun it is to attend Project Akon in Dallas Tx!

Other cosplayers featured on the cosplay music video!

Naruto fight dreamers 2_1_00001

3x Kakashi prepping for a rap battle moment.

Naruto fight dreamers 2_00000

Vegeta & Trunks give fierce glares towards the camera man.

Naruto fight dreamers 3_00002

Cosplayer MasterEmilyChief Frieza cosplay sharing the last moments of your life with you.