Spring2013 Rebel Shoot LoyalKNG 1_1919

This is our Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2013 “A Day of Rebels” Lookbook film featuring our talented Dallas TX friends! We took the story of our classic rebels from our previous short film “Rebel To Society” and followed them through a regular day in a life of as they chill with their comrades and kick it with the lady rebels!

Our Spring 2013 season of Loyal K.N.G. pushed the boundaries of our rebellious intelligence motif by paying homage and pulling influences from rebellious groups, graffiti bombers, motorcycle crews, and flipping it up with our ultimate season motto: “Creative Minds Established in Destructive Times”.

This was film and directed by Loyal K.N.G.’s Mauricio Lopez.
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Spring2013 Rebel Shoot LoyalKNG 1_2424

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