The Rebels to society 2012 loyalkng_6960

Sparkz Ramirez is our “Day-Time Dreamer, Late-Night Hustler” feature in our continuing documentation of Dallas legends. In this short film feature, we visit Sparks’ story as a rebellious youth reaching his greater potential as an artist, dancer, and creator through continuous growth and self-betterment.

Spark Ramirez is a young up and coming artist in Dallas, TX, who is making a large splash in the dancing scene along with the art community with his vibrant and abstract artistic works. From graffiti, painting, and tattooing, Sparks is showing that it is truly possible to evolve into a well-rounded individual if we focus our efforts, time, and mind into skill-sets that will always stay and grow along with ourselves. It is a true honor to feature our good friend, Sparks, as our ‘Day-Time Dreamer, Late-Night Hustler.’

Visit and connect with Sparks Ramirez here.

Loyal K.N.G.’s “Day-Time Dreamer, Late-Night Hustler” series is directed and edited by Thien Vuong here.