We’ve had our Loyal K.N.G. Fall 2012 season released official for a while now, but I realized I never actually sat down and wrote up a blog post about some of our ideas and inspiration behind the various designs. So with out further ado, here are some of my ideas and inspiration to our Loyal K.N.G. Fall 2012 line-up!

Dragon Atama

In celebration of 2012 and it’s year representing the Dragon, we did a design to celebrate the festive new year with our mascot, Atama, modeled as a familiar Dragonball character we all know and love!

Got D’oh?! Atama

In homage of one of America’s most classic and long-running (still is) cartoon, we came up with “Donut Atama” being hoisted by yellow fingers of some special character we all know and love. Who can deny a rad donut with crossbones, pink cream and sprinkles?

Design was created by Loyal K.N.G.’s Nancy Tran (a self-proclaimed Simpsons addict).

Alpha Omega Atama

In our latest seasonal rendition of Atama, we have him front and centered in a cool Egyptian-themed graphic hit along with accompanying hieroglyphics spelling out the secret of Loyal K.N.G.!

Pharaoh Atama

Atama returns as a Pharaoh in our little Egyptian-thematic twist!

Chief Atama

In the past we touched base with the native American influences, such as our ‘Atamahawk‘ design which sold out rather quickly. And with a lot of request from our supporters for the return of that design, I decided to just go ahead and give Atama an upgrade and now he returns as the Chief Atama!

Flight Life Atama

Atama now takes the sky in his fighter plane in this vintage-style war cartoon. The message through this design is about seizing the day in all that we pursue, hence “Carpe Diem”, and what better way to visualize this idea than having Atama being the embodiment of the Flight Life.

Stop Hate Make Love

In an exclusive collaboration with our very own Loyal K.N.G.’s T-Dragon (Thien Vuong), we utilized his coined-phrase, “Stop Hate, Make Love”, and graphically designed it on a t-shirt! We encourage less hating and more of doing what we love!