We traveled with the Loyal K.N.G. team and our Motion Church family to attend one of the most largest leadership Conference in America, Catalyst 2012. With this year’s conference themed “Make”, we took in all the great leaders, business owners, musicians, and book authors had to share in their lecture and experience teaches. It was a great conference to attend to be reinvigorated with inspiration and motivation, and for some folks in our team, it was a pivotal point in getting our heads back on our shoulders with a new empowered ambition.

Me (Trung), Mauricio, and Mike share a photo together as we arrive onto the Catalyst conference.

We caught up with Carlos Whittaker and was able to snatch a photo with this very inspirational leader.

Catch Mauricio and Matt playing Hacky sack while we’re on our break.

Stadium filled with over 13k attendees.

Made new friends along the way!

The gorgeous ladies that attended the conference with us!

The entire crew!

Mark Burnett (Producer of Survivor, Grammy, VMAs) and wife were in the scene for his new projects.