Our trip to this year’s 2012 Anime Fest was a highly anticipated one. With everyone from our team and circle of friends anxious for this event to come to pass, we were definitely not disappointed at this years Anime festivities. Tons of our friends who we’ve met and stayed in contact with through our social medias (facebook, twitter, youtube) made it through to support Loyal K.N.G. newest and latest offerings, and along with that chilled out as we made it out to the festival on our own adventures.

Our good friend, Pebbles, came out to help us at our Loyal K.N.G. booth!

Had a lot of folks synchronize dancing and all that jazz!

Libbie and Danielle came through to say hi among other lovely things.

Shawn rocking one of our classic designs, The Warriors x Scott Pilgrim Loyal K.N.G. tee!

Lance and Tony suiting up for their Super Saiyan adventures!