Our good friends of Coffee Music Hub presented a great concert to Dallas TX with Schoolboy Q showcasing at the Doors venue! Along with Schoolboy Q headlining, we get to experience the general Dallas local favorites, A.Dd+, So-So Topic, Dustin Cavazos, Brain Gang Blue and crew, rocking the stage. This concert is a monumental beginning in the future of Dallas Hip-hop. In one of the largest community-driven hip-hop show to ever be hosted with brands, promoters, hip-hop artists and hip-hop lovers all uniting together to push for a packed house for all the great performers.

Lance, PhiPhi, Trung, Mustache Man!, Thien, and Hoan!

Phiphi and Nancy!

Mr. Robomon makes an appearance with Danny!

Mr. Arturo and his many Atama pieces.