Hip-hop can be broken down to it’s core elements of graffiti, bboys, hip-hop acts, emcees, freestyle battles, streetwear, and all the good time vibes. These were few of the elements that were experienced at Por Vida’s The Element Hip-hop show. With this event marking it’s 3rd year of it’s inception, Elements have bloom into a beautiful culturally inviting event that can be enjoyed by all hip-hop lovers.

Some of the day’s graffiti pieces!

The Team Misfits rocking that new Loyal K.N.G. gear.

Brain Gang’s Blue and Mohican’s Dave!

The Brain Gang family and Joonbug!

Shout ou to MC Killa for repping that Loyal K.N.G. love!

Also much love to Blue for sporting our new unreleased strapback hat!

Thien and Joonbug!

Buffalo Black taking the stage!

Zombies evolved from bath salt takers!

The youth of our generation moving our futures!

Snaps, on snaps, on snaps with So-Topic!

Marquise and So-Topic!

The Dirty Knows Nasty fam!

Dj PriesTT and Tay!