Bre4kout is a traditional event that happens every year gathering young talented Bboys and dancers all around the Dallas TX area to compete for a charitable cause. And this year’s Bre4kout jam marks the 4th year of it’s hosting and is easily the funnest and largest event too date. For us, we’ve have had the privilege to have Loyal K.N.G. be apart of the event for the past two years now, and this event was basically a gathering of all our old friends together. It was a great day for friends to kick it, chill, and goof around. The jam was full of excited faces, great music, awesome venue which accommodated a larger audience with a well air conditioned environment! Bre4kout 2012 was a successful endeavor and an over all win!

Kevin popping during the 2 Vs 2 dance competition!

A couple of our cool friends!

Loyal K.N.G.’s Nancy and Jin showing off their super-cuteness!

The fambams! From the left: Scott, Steven, Stephan, Trung, Alexa, J.P., and Mike!

Mike and Thien show off Nancy’s sewn Loyal K.N.G. pillow!

Christine, Diana, and friend!

 Lance ascending to the next level!