A-Kon 23 have been an absolute mind-blowing experience for us here at Loyal K.N.G., and don’t just take my words for it, there were over 90 thousands attendees to this Goliath of an event if that goes to show you anything! A-Kon brought out some of the most interesting cosplayers I’ve seen to date, and it was a joy to pull out my trusty Canon 7D to capture photos of all these amazing characters.

Beautiful ladies! Shout outs to Christine (right) and her friend!!

Sanji of One Piece makes a hit on the scene!

I’ve seen enough Japanese cartoons to know what tentacles can lead too!!! Joking! XD

Dr. Dooooooooom screams his mask off!

Sucks to be the zombie on the end of this monster weapon!

Evil Fin make an appearance with all his lovable princesses captured and held hostage!