Continuing off my previous recap of Comic Con 2012 Dallas TX edition, I post up more photos of cool vendor spots, people that stopped through out Loyal K.N.G. booth, and, of course, more cool cosplayers of all our favorite heroes! It’s easy to consider Comic Con the mecca of all things comic-central, so for any person who love the culture will enjoy an event like this through all outlets provided. It’s a youthful dream come into fruition, with all the costumers, enthusiastic visitors, celebrities, legendary comic book artists, and voice actors!

Pink kitties for your nightstand!

Poster arts of all kinds of pop-cultural and comic icons.

Our new friend Kelby of Digital Apple from Shreveport!

Adam West’s Batman!

Captain America and Xavier!

Bat Girl and Spider-man!

Lance and Dragon Ball Evolution’s Goku!

The evils! Dr. Doom and Red Skull!