“Ridin wit my top down listn’en to dis Jesus music!” That was the first song I heard from Houston rapper, Lecrae Moore back in ’06. He’s now doing big things working with the likes of 9th Wonder, No malice and Don Cannon. This rapper hits home for me because he was one of the first Christian rappers that I could tolerate. Gospel Rap has a bad name in today’s hip hop scene and as the years progress, hatred for the genre and for the religion itself grow to become more and more accepted by the music industry. Crae is fresh air to a dying culture and a window opened in a dark room for the Christian genre. Just today he has released his first ever mix tape after five studio albums hosted by Don Cannon today and I must say; as a fan of hip hop, a fan of Crae and a believer of this message, I highly recommend this mix tape for anyone. Download it from DatPiff here! Dacocoknows and now you do too!