During our trip to Austin TX in the week previously for the SXSW music festival, the Loyal K.N.G. team stopped through Nice Kick‘s awesome hip-hop showcase. There were many great artists that came through to showcase their music, and it was an absolute blast! With artists such as Taylor Gang’s Chevy Royce, Action Bronson, Doughbeezy, Killa Kyleon, Brain Gang Blue, Uzoy, Shane Eli, Young Scolla, and more filling the bill, it was a great evening of continuous good music.

Our amazing Nancy Tran grabbed a bunch of photos from the Nice Kick show case to give you guys a cool insight into the experience!

Nancy in the building!!!

Brain Gang Blue kicks off the showcase with his energetic performance!

Party on, party on!!

The Loyal K.N.G. brothers! (Trung, Mauricio, and Mike)

The Loyal K.N.G. team upfront and personal!

Shane Eli ripping the stage!

Uzoy showing that Houston talent!

Young Scolla shows you his raw talents!

XV takes it to the sky!

Chatting it up with Doughbeezy and showing him some of our Loyal K.N.G. Snapbacks!

Killa Kyleon and Jack Freeman putting it on for Houston natives!

Tony bounded by clouds!

Chevy Royce of Taylor Gang.

Happy typer.