(Loyal K.N.G. family: Thien, Mauricio, Mike, Lance, Nancy, and Tony!)

We’re out here in Austin TX for our first day roaming the streets of SXSW 2012, and so far it’s been a non-stop blast! We’re running into so many of our musician, promoters, managers, and artists friends, making this trip a super-exciting start to our spring break. We had our Loyal K.N.G. family drop in to experience the entire culture that is the phenomenon of SXSW, and it is and will be absolutely astounding. Seeing new cultures, and clashing of old ones into a new environment is a great way to drive inspiration into our motivations.

It’s been one day so far, but it felt like 5 days here at SXSW. There are just so many constant things to do, and events happening on every corner. But catch our photos from our day and get a glimpse into the culture of SXSW x Loyal K.N.G.:

Jack Freeman on the laptop.

The Loyal K.N.G. team doing it big!

Our day started out running to our good buddies, Young Scolla and Grant of Simply Complicated.

We also ran into BJ the Chicago Kid!

BJ The Chicago Kid and Steven (manager) on some Loyal K.N.G. snapback!

Chilling with Jack Freeman on some new Loyal K.N.G. snapback!

Our homie, Jabee!

Kicking it with Asher Roth and DJ Wreckineyez!


Kicking it with Trae the Truth!

Meeting up with our homie, Zach!

Indie singers singing for the love of it.

Catching up with Rico, friend, and Blue from Brain Gang!

Nancy roaming the gift boutiues.

Cool folks!

Grabbing an interview of Houston’s The Nice Guys hip-hop artists!

The family kicking it with Marquise and Curbside Jones.

Interviewing Brain Gang Blue!

Taking a Wendy break!

The streets of Austin TX!

The George Michael cover saxophone guy!

Thien and Mike shares a thumbs up!

The homies of ImKING and Orisue clothing brands!

Lance charging up his laser beam canon!

Interview with A.Dd+ family!

Dj Sober on the tables!

Reuben of Grits!

The Loyal K.N.G. cool kids.

The Conquistador!

Mike, Eddica (The Nice Guy’s manager), and Nancy!

The KNG kids killing! I mean chilling!

Paris and Slim of A.Dd+ rocking SXSW trade show stage!

The Nice Guy family on that Loyal K.N.G.!