Our good family of King’s Connection (Lavoy King and Davi Hecht) invited us out to be apart of their hosting of “Masters In Motion” Dance choreography class. The class were filled with amazing talented local dancers from around the Dallas/ Fort Worth area all under one roof teaching up and coming dancers new styles and dances. Shout out to all the folks who rolled through to be a part of such an amazing experience!

Davi and Lavoy of King’s Connection!

The Dancers!

Our M.B.C. family’s Mikee!

Lovely ladies!

Alex B repping!

Mikee and Melanie share smiles!

M.B.C. family choreographing!

Alex B ripping her class course!

That Loyal K.N.G. steez.

Zach rocking that new Loyal K.N.G.!

The Loyal K.N.G. bros!