Over the weekend we were a part of a great launching of a car meet hosted by Brandon Anthony, Ty Strickland, and many more of the cool staff, entitled “Lowered Case Agency” car meet. It goes without saying that Texas houses a lot of vehicle fanatics and motor-heads, so when Brandon approached me about being apart of the meet, I was absolutely ecstatic! And for this being their first time to host the event it was a complete success! Hundreds of cars of all shapes, sizes, and style came out from all over to enjoy a great community of car enthusiasts.

Tony, Vanessa, and Matthew, posing a photo in front of the Loyal K.N.G. booth!

DJ ATX spinning crazy tunes!

Brandon (left) and DJ ATX putting it down for the show!

240sx Nissan steez!

Lexus swagged out!



Friends, homies, and a cute puppy!

Domo Takeover!

Nissan Skyline in the metal!

Danny and fam!

Octoh family!