A-Kon (Dallas, TX) is one of the hugest anime convention in the United States, heck, even internationally. And with this exciting convention occurring once every year, the anime fans are starving for some kind of A-Kon mini event to hold them over, which of course, A-Kon answers with their mini A-Kon event held in Denton TX. We made it an effort to stop through and see all the crazy cool cosplayers and meet some new friends along the way. It was definitely a delightful evening with random antics, shouting, screaming, high-fiving, and tons of photos being taken!

Lance ascending to the next super human level!

Classic Fiona and school girl cosplay.

Thien and voice actress, Cherami!

Cherami and me! Cherami does many voices on many shows, some notable ones being Soul Eaters, Full Metal Alchemist, and more.

The Lady pirates of the seas!

Thien ascending to the next level T-Dragon!!!

Familiar faces!

Somebody finally transformed fully!

Green Aliens.

The Ninjas, Tony and amasing Nancy!

Hoan and the lady pirate leader, Rachel!

Deadmau family!

Invader Zim!