It’s not unusual for us to come from an event and not have a video recap for it, but every-once in a while we go the extra mile to cut something uniquely fun and enjoyable for all viewers. After wrapping up our Ikkicon 2011-12 experience a few weeks ago, Mr. T-Dragon (Loyal K.N.G.’s Thien Vuong) been hard at work editing up this fun nostalgia-filled Anime cosplayer music video, where we take a creative spin on showcasing all the cool cosplayers at the convention. With all the cast of singers singing a long to Mulan’s classic, “A Girl Worth Fighting For!”, we aim to show you guys a unique way to experience a culture that you may have never known or thought about! Life is all about the great things, interests, and people who makes thing different, beautiful, and fun, we’re just in love with that fact. So we just want to share this culture with y’all, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Check out the video below!