Over the last Friday, we visited House Of Blues with our friends from Sore Losers, who opened for Wu-Tang that night, and caught the dope rebirth tour of Wu-Tang Clan! Everybody from the clan was accounted for at the concert but Raekwon and GhostFaceKillah. Although not all the members were there to truly bring a united performance, Method Man turned up the hype with his extraordinarily charismatic performance. It’s not often that we catch a crowd wild out like the golden hip-hop days of the younger Wu-Tang Clan, but Method Man reminisced his ideals to the audience, and it wasn’t long before that Golden-age of hip-hop fandom returned with a vigor unseen of! The Wu-Tang Concert was filled with mosh pits, all hands waving, body surfing, and even a welcomed spectator rudely raiding the stage, which then led to him quickly getting kicked off. The night with the Wu-Tang Clan was an amazing night for the old hip-hop souls.

Catch a few of our photos from the concert below. And while you’re at it listen to the classic Wu-Tang track, “Protect Ya Neck”: