Over a few weekends ago, we hooked up with California’s Eyeshine rock band to catch them performing in Austin, TX, as they wrap up their 2011 year into the new 2012. The Eyeshine band is made up of Johnny Yong Bosch (Guitar, Vocals), Maurice Salmin (Drums), Crystal Mesina (Bass), and Polo (Lead Guitarist). With a team of great musicians performing on stage, they easily got the crowd hyped and excited for the night.

Eyeshine’s music is Edge Rock, with their tracks engineered to uplift and promote positivity to their listeners. Something that I really enjoy in my own musical rotation. So it’s especially a privilege to say that Loyal K.N.G. officially sponsors our first rock band, Eyeshine, and we are proud that these artists will be our first sponsored band in the rock genre to represent for us in their tours around the states!

We interviewed and filmed Eyeshine’s live performances for our feature short film, that video will be posted up later today. But check out our photos of the band rocking out and doing what they do best, putting on an amazing show!

Johnny rocking it on stage!

Fans and supporters recording Eyeshine’s memorable performance!

Crystal hyping the crowd!

Maurice on the drums!