During our New Years, we were shifting like mad men moving from shows to shows nonstop with little to no sleep or rest. Usually time like these we are just all over the place with our team.  It wasn’t until we stopped through Austin, TX, to meet up with our crew-mates for Ikkicon Anime convention, that we would wrap up one of the best New Years we’ve ever had!

This year we made it a point to be apart of the Ikkicon experience and capture all the photos of unique cosplaryers, cool and awesome vendors, great collectible toys, and random shoots with our newly made friends. With this Ikkicon marking it’s 6th year in it’s annual hosting of the event, we witness it grow into a crazed event of fans and Japanese culture enthutiasts.

Check out some of the photos I took below while we explored the convention:

Awesome patches of my favorite Marvel hereos!

Great collection of toys and figures.

One Piece toy collection galore!

Mr. Crocodile!

Plushy toys!

More toys!

Cool hand-made crafts!

The cool folks of Robo Roku!

Robo Roku has tons of great t-shirts and accessories!

Yaya Han and her friend!

Yaya getting some photos with our buddy, Michael, rocking the Loyal K.N.G. Toon Raider tee!


Ichigo, Goku Ssj3, and Ninja Army bro!

Super Saiyan 3 Goku is down with Loyal K.N.G.!

Master Roshi is down with Loyal K.N.G.!

Awesome bro rocking our Son Of KNG tee!

Strawberry Girl!

Ikkicon isn’t over yet, until PART 2! Dun, dun, duuuunnununun….