We’re already into the new year, 2012, and I haven’t even adequately wrapped up the 2011 blogs that I have in-store. I guess that can be attributed to being too busy with too many projects, but I guess it’s never to late to share a fun story.

Over the weekend, the Loyal K.N.G. team hosted a small, humble gathering of friends to enjoy a dinner get-together. The team and I hit up the local foods store and grabbed tons of yummy goodies to serve. We ended up cooking amazing fajitas, which thanks to our friend, Ruben, for donating the fajitas to us for dinner. And after everything was cooked, serve, and eaten, we all enjoyed a relaxed night of chilling out, chatting, joking, and building a stronger friendship. And that’s whats Loyal K.N.G. is about at the end of the day, it’s reuniting friends from all corners of interests, fashion, and personalities to really get to know each other without any boundaries. Just being friends and family with out any social binds, just a couple of cool folks under one roof vibing.

The main man, Lance, who hosted the get-together at his awesome house!

Thien and Pebbles showing off their pearly whites.

Good homie, Hieu, and Mike!

Guacamole goodness.

Cooked and chopped fajita beef all ready for consumption.

Our cool friend, Kevin, and Maurcio!

Lance showing off his unreleased Loyal K.N.G. Atama wood pieces!

The end to a great year! 2011 will be remembered for all the great friends we’ve made.