This past weekend we stopped through Public Trust‘s and Dallas Observer presented 2011 Artopia event. And if there were any livelier party/event going on in Dallas that night, it would not beat Artopia by a long shot. With varying artists making their rounds and presence known at Artopia, it brought basically every artist-heads, fashionistas, or fun-loving folks out to enjoy the cool show.

I want to give a big thanks to Brian Gibbs of Public Trust for inviting us out and giving us an heads up about Artopia!

Cool art-covered phonebooths!

The “Nut Cracker” gallery. You can crack pecan nuts with these mannequin dolls. Weird, huh?

Loyal K.N.G. crewmates, Lance and Mauricio, grabbing a photo between the Fur Face Boy and Sleepy Dan t-shirt battle selections.

Of course I had to jump in and grab a photo for myself.

Just kicking it near the vintage mobile bus!

Now for a bunch of photos of art works!

Love Toys!

Aaron stopping through after performing some BBOY!

Amazing box art!