It’s always great to be out and about in the skateboard scene. It’s truly a unique scene where these kids release the stresses of life and just roll through the various ramps, verts, and street courses, with no care in the world. It’s awe-inspiring to feel and see such freedom in action. With Overground Projects being the host of this skate jam, it brought out a small close knit family of skateboarders and skate-lovers.

All the skateboarders sharing turns through the ramps.

Our good friend, Lance, sharing a photo with Mrs. Lucy!

Wonderful folks who I had the privilege to share a nice conversation with.

Skateboarding wasn’t the only thing bringing the crowd. There were plenty of classic cars all lined up for motor-heads and enthusiasts.

Bobby of Word of Mouth, Jay of Lies and Filth, and me, all kicking it!

These guys are the older skateboard generation enjoying their time shouting random things to the younger generation kids.

There were also bands rocking out the entire skate jam.

That’s Barton of Already Been Chewed brand kicking it with me before he heads out to the street course to skateboard.