We’ve just wrapped up a great time visiting the annual Korean Festival 2011 in Houston TX. This trip to Houston, marked our second visit to the festive Korean festival, which you can actually check out my coverage of that here. And as usual, this event was jam-packed with wonderful uniqueness and fresh cultural outlook that we wouldn’t otherwise experience, unless we were in Korea in the first place. For me, these type of festival always gets me excited about the world we live in. Even though we’re in America, where we are blessed with the vast and beautiful melting-pot that we call the American culture, we’re still able to experience something different due to great groups of enthusiastic individuals putting it on for their culture, such as the Korean community.

The festival had a bunch of cool showcasing throughout the evening like the traditional old-timey Korean dressings and wardrobe!

Of course the Korean festival had the sporty-kayaking… Which I am assuming is a popular thing to do in Korea.

Our friends let us borrow their Pikachu for a quick model shot.

So many Houston folks coming through to enjoy this beautiful culture together.

The love for a great collective culture is here, and it’s great.

Tradition is a powerful feature of culture that paints the past of our culture which carries us into our future of changes and revolution.

I love these majestic animals… Doggies.