Over the past few days, I’ve been over in Atlanta Georgia along with a few friends to attend the annual leadership event, 2011 Catalyst Conference. And with this year’s conference theme being “Be Present,” it was an inspiring moment for me to watch and listen to all the amazing speakers pouring out their knowledge and wisdom for us to apply in our lives, business, and community. The list of speakers made up of some of the most influential business leaders, authors, and gurus from all around the world, such as Andy Stanley (leadership author), Jim Collins (renown business leader) , Francis Chan (American preacher, pastor of Cornerstone Church), Blake Mycoskie (TOMS creator), Scott Harrison (Charity Water creator), Dave Ramsey (business guru), and the list goes on and on.

For a young business owner, such as myself, Catalyst was a great event to gain inspiration, motivation, and new ideas from to better move Loyal K.N.G. into a better and strong foundational brand.

Check out some of the photo I grabbed from the event below:

As we all arrived on location at the Catalyst conference, there was a giant Ferris wheel prepared for all the willing attendees.

Of course, Mauricio and Motion’s Pastor Chris, had to jump on for the fun!

The diverse emotional rush of the Ferris wheel in full on action.

The outside band just ripping the stage up.

All the folks gathering inside the convention center preparing for all the awesome bands, speakers, and random group activities…

… Like shining a light together.

… Or raising random colored posters together.

The band preparing to perform their songs.

… And their off!

A GREAT performance by Seryn!

Some crazy spoken poetry.




(Jim Collins)


(Dave Ramsey)


Francis Chan moving the audience with his amazing speech.

Folks relaxing for lunch time.

Scott Harrison (far-right/Charity water)

Judah Smith finishes off the event with his enlightening speech.

Crazy Dubya!

Blake Mycoskie of TOM discussing his plans for furthering his brand and motivates us to move our own.