If you guy’s didn’t already know, our awesome friend, Cody Phillip aka MacIX, sculpted and customized a VERY cool Loyal K.N.G. Atama toy! I mean it’s not everyday that you see your brand’s mascot recreated as a toy, so you can understand the utter excitement I had when Cody showed me the figure. The custom Atama project definitely sprouted a lot of attention from our supporters.

The Atama figure was premiered at the Vinyl Thoughts show, and it was quickly snatched up by one of our very loyal supporter, Aaron (photoed below):

That’s Aaron (left) and his brother! Big thanks to Aaron for picking up an EXTREMELY rare one of one figure of our logo mascot, Atama! I wish I had got to the toy first, but good things will always move quick. I have to be quicker on the draw next time!

Big thanks goes to Cody for taking the time out to sculpt the awesome Atama toy!

Here are more photos showing all the cool details and work that went into the figure creation: