We just came back from an amazing premiere event of customized toys by the many great local talents from Dallas! The event dubbed “Vinyl Thoughts” gathered kids, adults, and toy-fanatics from all around the city to enjoy all the amazing toys out on display. There were many opportunities to purchase exclusive toys also, and figures were flying out the door quickly. For any toy-art-collectors, we all know the value of collector-toys and the stories that these figures tell through the creation of their artists. These toys become a monument of mystery with a vibrant personality, some ranging from dark gothic, to light-hearted fun, but it’s clear to say that it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Big thanks goes out to Shelby Miller, Cody Phillip, and the rest of the artists, sponsors, for making this event possible! A great step into a great blooming culture that Dallas is growing into.

Peter dropping through and providing everybody with Vitamin Water, along with this lovely lady helping promote Yelp!

The winner of Cody Phillip‘s prized Tanuki Mario figure!

Grail of all grails at Vinyl Thoughts!

Jay of Lies And Filth with his son and wife.

Joon, Koolquise, and friends!

Awesome folks at the show!

The building was packed with excited attendees!

True artists create something from nothing… Now that I can dig!

Thien catching some footage of the event for our next recap.

THE Fishr Pryce!

Scott Higgin’s Monsterbot!

Cody Phillips presenting some prizes!

Yolanda and her niece!

Check out MORE photos of awesome toys after the jump!