We’re no strangers to making fun videos… It’s just what we’ve set out to do since we began this indie brand of ours. Between, our brand’s youtube page, vimeo page, and side-project pages of our video-editors, we have videos ranging from event and show recaps, music videos (serious and comedic), inspirational, motivational, insightful, documentaries, interviews and the list goes on and on. So when we visited 2011’s Anime Fest in Dallas TX, we made it an effort to shoot something fun, light-hearted, and different.

Ideas were pitched around as to what we wanted to shoot for our next video project, and we all ultimately decided on gathering all the cool cosplayer attendees to sing-a-long to the classic Disney Mulan song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” for a spontaneous music video release. As part of a way for us to recap the great event, and get the community involved in something memorable and fun, this was the perfect project for us to move forward with. And as a result, this video was created: