(Read Part 1 of A-fest here!)

As if the scope of a 4 day event could be captured fully in one post could do Anime Fest 2011 any justice. So here’s the second part of our photo-recap of the anime festivities. From cosplayers dressed as Avatar characters, Harley Quinns, Jokers, Snow Whites, and all the other rad cartoon and anime characters, Anime Fest bought out only the most enthusiastic anime fanatics around Texas!

Thien and the REAL Avadar!

Adventure time!

Joker on that green cape!

Ms. Athena, the amazing artist of Thien’s awesome pin below:

Real T-Dragon SWAG!


Japanese Snack attack!

Gundam Wing!

Massive sing-a-long session!

Mario wack-a-barf.


Sailor Moon doing some singing for us.

Harley and Cat Woman!

Kakashi and Female Kakashi.

Zombified-Nurse Jenny!

Girls lovin’.

Joker terrifying the sweet Princess Snow White.

Afro Samurai!



The dance movement!

Poor bro getting a plastic gun to his head!

Team Naruto x Air Bender x Dude.