Over the weekend, we joined with our friend, Kevin Chan along with his team of “Support The Sounds” for their Trees of Tibet Charity Battle of the Bands concert. Teenagers from all around the Dallas/FW area came through to support the charity, along with swooning for the many talented local bands that stepped up to the plate to perform. As for the Loyal K.N.G. team, we kept busy testing out some new camera equipment for a very special video project we are starting. Hopefully we’ll premiere that in a few days! But for now check out all of the photos of the concert below:

Andrew of The Sunny Side rocking it out while Mauricio grabs some video.

Band bros!

Some cool kids drop through showing off their new exclusive snapbacks.

Thumbs up for cool tees and cool people!

Felix (second from left) with his friends at the cafe area.

The Anybody dance team keeps the crowd entertained!

Then afterwards, the crew spent some of their time pointing at unidentified objects.

The Coffee Music Hub family!

Mauricio showing some love to the new gear… We all love the new gear.

Mauricio, Alexa, and Thien!

Cool bros!

Cool girls.

Mauricio taking flight.

Even the kids wanted to join the flight.

The magical touch.

Showing off some air!

To be continued in part 2!