It’s mid-July and we’re already on to the next Hip Hop Isn’t Dead x Loyal K.N.G. third edition of “Beautiful Hip Hop“. With musical hip hop joints ranging in more of the soulful lyrical form, this Beautiful Hip-Hop edition will have your ears melting as these classic hip hop tracks flow through you. Some artists featured in this album ranges from OG artists, such as “A Tribe Called Quest”, Nas, and even some new school cats, such as Chip Tha Ripper and Asher Roth. As with all our previous mixtapes, Hip Hop Isn’t Dead crew have compiled a well-balanced mixtape so that all grounds and generations will have something that will endear to them. So do yourself a favor and download the 3rd volume of “Beautiful Hip Hop” and indulge in a great session of great music.

Download “Beautiful Hip Hop” Volume 3 here.

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