It’s summer, it’s hot, and we’re all from Texas. So what better way to enjoy the summer season than kicking it at Six Flags all day riding roller coasters!?

Six Flags have been a haven for many thrill seeking enthusiasts , and it’s easy to see why when the theme park have some of the most legendary roller coasters in the southern states. There are classic rides like the Titan, the Giant, and even DC inspired-rides such as Mr. Freeze, Batman, and Super-man, that have to be ridden to experience the immense fun! So with the crew on break for a day, we joined some of our Dallas friends and enjoyed an evening of crazy roller coaster-hopping.

Cool tortoise just minding his own business, while annoying photographers take photos of him.

Sky-view of a small section of the Six Flag theme park.

The log rapids ride.

The reconstructed Giant ride and the Titan ride. Epic roller coasters, huh?

Thien, Kay, Estelle, and Anna, all posing it up with Sylvester!

Nancy and Thien!

If you look closely at the ride… There’s one lonely boy riding the bus. It’s oddly sad, but I’m sure he’s enjoying his time… hopefully.

Just getting our roller coaster preliminary rides in so we can get some warm up before we take on the Giants!

Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash all chilling with random cool folks.

That’s how you stay cool in the sun… By getting majorly splashed.

Taking flight!

Classic games.

The beauty of the Giant.