With all the excitement looming for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 tonight and our Loyal K.N.G. “Wizard Atama” t-shirt release, I felt it would be the perfect time to host a doodle/photo contest for a chance to win a free “Wizard Atama” shirt!

The guidelines to the doodle and photo contest are simple, we will be doing everything on a point system basis. And there will be multiple winners based on whoever is able to fulfill certain criteria.

Contest Guidelines:

-All doodles are tweeted to @LoyalKNG or posted on our Facebook Fanpage wall to enter the contest.

-Doodle a Wizard or Atama in a creative way. +10pts

-Doodle the above step with Loyal K.N.G.’s mascot, Atama, as a wizard and get an additional +5pts

-Take a photo of yourself doing something a wizard would do, the more creative the better (photoshoping IS allowed). +5pts

Note: You can enter both a photo AND a doodle for accumulated points, but only on one will votes count.

-Do the step above but with a Loyal K.N.G. shirt on. +10pts

-All entries will then be moved upon entry into an album in our Facebook Fanpage for people to vote for. The earlier you enter the better chances of accumulating votes.

-Each vote will count as +1pt.

-The Loyal K.N.G. team will personally pick the best doodle and photo at the end of the contest. This will earn you +5pts.

-If you gain 55pts you win a free Loyal K.N.G. sticker set!

-If you gain a total of 200+ points you automatically win a tee. (You don’t win two shirts if you ALSO happen to be the highest.)

-There will be 3 Winners chosen for their pick of any “Wizard Atama” colorway shirts.

Winners are chosen accordingly:

-Most Voted

-Most Creative and Artistic.

-And by a RANDOM drawing of all entries.

The contest begins NOW, and will end Sunday, July 17th, at midnight 12 CST. Have fun and enjoy! Woo!