In Part 2 of our Kixpo 2011 coverage (Read part 1 here), I go through more of the cool Kixpo festivities! The great thing about Kixpo is that it brings folks from all around Texas and the United States under one building or, in this case, the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. We’ve been traveling every weekend since we’ve started the brand, and during our journeys we’ve met MANY folks and to see them all again was a real pleasure. One of the greatest highlights for us from Kixpo was just catching up with all our friends again.

Our friends, Malcolm, Fattie, and Mike Remix!

Nia, Coco, Carlos, and King Shep!

Ms. Nikia coming through and sharing all the fun-times with us!

Carri-Culture fam!

He got them Jordan 6’s Infrared hanging!

Joey and his girlfriend showing us some love!

Cool supports!

Now that’s some great matching! The Hundreds x Jordan 5 Wolf Greys!

Raymundo and his good friend coming through and saying hi! If you didn’t know, Raymundo WON our Loyal K.N.G. doodling contest!

Brianna, Tony, Sean, Sarah, Thien, Janice, and Vincent all being fun-loving folks!

Nicole, Emilia, and friends all showing off their beautiful smiles!

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Hoaan, Luke, and friends all repping for Fresh Addict!

This would only be 10% of the fields… The event was HUGE!

Erika and friend!

Kay planking on the Dallas Cowboy’s Star!

Ian (Bat Luchadora) and friends showing off their new Loyal K.N.G. pick ups!

Aldrin (Center) with all the cool Centre promo girls!!

Fresh Kaufee!

The Kaufee crew, Trina, Joon, and Justin!

Marquise, Caleb, and So Topic all repping!

Tuan repping his Loyal K.N.G. Monkey KNG!

The Stay Gold Street Team!

Prince Da Don, Jay, and friends!

George, Su, and Kay!

The Varsity Club crew!

NasaGang family!

Midpoint Swag!

Mike at the Jerry Rockit table!

And finally, my good pal, Vincent.
Kixpo was awesome, if you haven’t been, be sure to make it out next year!