Hip-hop plays a very important role in our influences. So when we were invited to be a part of the latest Sore Losers x A.DdPlus concert by Cool Beings’ Jesse Porter, we were honored and excited to jump at the opportunity to help. The concert started out with various local Dallas artists, such as QueP, Lil Tony, Ace Boogie B, JQuest, and Major Rayne, rocking out as the opening acts.  These hip-hop artists created a great energy before the headlining performers went on stage to shut it down for their roaring fans.  Through out the night, there were choreographed dances, bboys (by our homies, Hien and Hao) session, great hip-hop opening performers, and, of course, Sore Losers and A.Dd+ rocking the stage together for the final act. It’s an absolute pleasure to see the Dallas’ hip-hop scene rise-up. So if you’re a Dallas/FW local, and have yet to catch these great artists perform, then you’re missing out on a great movement. So the next time Dallas hosts another locals hip-hop concert, be sure to come out and enjoy the great music, performers, and a great experience.

We bought out the Loyal K.N.G. fam and friends for this concert!

Chilling with Brown of Sore Losers!

We ran into our friend, Jillian, and as tradition, we had to grab another photo of her!

Our good pal, Reuben of Grits Apparel, came all the way from Houston to be apart of this event!

Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee shows the ladies some Joonbug-trademark dance moves.

The crew lounging at the table ready for an exciting night!

The opening acts hyping up the crowd!

The cool dudes with the cool styles!

That’s love right there! Thanks goes out to the supporters!

Arrias and Slim Gravy of A.Dd Plus in the house!

All the cool brands set-up and holding it down for Dallas streetwear!

All of the lights!

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Trina and friends!

Arrias Walls of A.DdPlus rocking the stage!

Slim Gravy of A.DdPlus moving the crowd!

Brown of Sore Losers hearing the yells of fans!

Brown going acoustic and killin it!

King Blu, previously with Sore Losers, comes out and causes a ruckus!

Found our buddy, Saul, in the house!

Kaleb of Illego!

The Common Sense crew!

Pretty lady dancers!

Slim Gravy performing!

Abraham and friend, these guys helped bring this event together along with Jesse.

After the show we all went to IHop. SWAG!