Ah yes, the finale of the epic A-Kon 22 coverage. After breezing through Part 1 and Part 2, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s left? A lot evidently. So much so that what I’ve covered thus far in all these parts were merely 5 hours of A-kon, and the event lasts from Friday to Sunday! The love for Japanese culture in Texas is immense, and it’s crazy to witness a convention of this magnitude housing 13k-15k folks who are all crazy about Japanese anime, toys, costumes, and music… It’s pretty cool.

If y’all are ever in need of something super-fun and memorable, then make sure you make it out to the NEXT A-kon for 2012! More than likely we’ll be back with the Loyal K.N.G. crew, and if y’all catch us we’ll be sure to show you a good time.

Ninja Tony and Kakashi joins forces to defeat the evil axe-guy.

However a team of gun wielding dudes plus Wolverine jumps in to annihilate Ninja Tony.

Then Wolverine warps to battle with Captain America

The face-off is fierce… The staring contest could go on for days.

But then Captain America grabs a quick photo with all his admirers. What a great guy that Captain America.

Then we waltz to meet random ladies with gas masks.

As we walked toward the next venue we ran into Squall and a very cute Cloud.

Look at these crazy cool cosplayers!

Snake has a vendetta to fill out with Ninja Tony.

Crazy reptilian monster on the loose!

Team Free Hug on the roam!

Kakashi and Afro Ninja face off!

Then after the face off we had a jumping contest.

Peang and Anh forms the all AWESOME Free Hug team!

All the cool folks in one photo!

Peang, Jasmine, and Dido!

Kakashi and our good friend, Michael Branaga!

Group shot for the win!

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Matthew and his cool friend!

Michael, Waldo, and the Warrior!



Poor Valerie!

We found Arnold along with a bunch of cool party-goers!

Cute ladies in cat outfits.

So awesome.

Nancy and Thien!

Cosplayers are so cool!

Glenn and a very cute lady!

The all winning winners!

Our friend, Glenn!

Valerie smiles big with Naruto!

Kakashi kicking it with Tifa!

Batman beats up Scarecrow.

The Ultimate Batman cosplaying team!

The Green Ranger calls upon the Dragon Zord!!