After a tireless 13 hrs drive to Atlanta to be apart of Sneaker Friends and wrapping the entire show up, I treated the team to some authentic Korean BBQ at “Honey Pig“. This quirky Korean restaurant was recommended to me by my friend, Hyung of the Yellow Boyz crew, and what a recommendation it was! From walking into the venue, we had our ears filled with Korean pop-songs, and we were quickly attended by a nice hostess helping us maneuver to our seats. The restaurant is full of trendy design sensibilities which pulls it’s obvious influences from Korean culture. And along with a great environment to eat good food, the servers are all super-chill youthful folks eager to help assist us for our dining needs. The price tag for the meal is expensive, and that’s probably the only slightly negative thing I have to say about “Honey Pig”. Otherwise the food served is absolutely delicious.

If you’re in Atlanta area and in need of some delicious authentic Korean delicacy then “Honey Pig” is the place to visit! The restaurant exudes in fun vibes, great food, and service.

Walking in you can really feel the lively energy.

And it certainly helps that the music selection garners that type of energy. That’s assuming that you don’t mind listening to popular pop Korean songs.

The grill is filled up with thin sliced meat, ready to be cooked and devoured!

Our server preparing our meal on the grill.

Some hot sauces to add to our meal.

The fried rice looking mad-delicious.

Soup with tofu!

Bean sprout with Kimchi!

Meat ready to be cooked.

The fulfilling moment when we finish a bowl of fine Korean food.

… Literally, for the price tag, we made sure to eat any and every morsel that were bought to our table.

One of our server is a local hip-hop artist from Atlanta, and he goes by the name of Akademikz (real name, Andy) of the Unique Ones family. We ended up trading a Loyal K.N.G. shirt for his album, which was surprisingly really good, and made for a fun listen as we traveled back west to the great homeland, TEXAS!