We’re big supporters of talented up and coming musicians, but Grey Granite has to be the first artist that we’ve been involved with since we first started Loyal K.N.G. brand. It’s an amazing experience to see how two people get their start together in different areas of life and meet at the cross-section of life’s journey to showcase art, be it videos, clothing, or music, to the world.

We’re proud presenter (along with Heavy Gun and Noise Porn) of our good friend, Grey Granite, as he and friend 90lb releases his newest album to the public entitled “Play Fair.” This album is a mixture of head-banging electro-mixes infused with energetic hip-hop raps rounding off the album as a unique and fun listening experience. If you’re into LCD Soundsystem and Mos Def, this is what you’ll be getting a mixture of when you rock out to Grey’s “Play Fair” album. The album is full of inspired skits that were influence from Loyal K.N.G. itself! And that makes it all the better to pop it on rotation!

The album is available for free to listen and download! So give an hour of your time and listen to Grey Granite bring an energetic lift to your mental state!

Grey Granite x 90LBS – PLAYFAIR by greygranite

DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite x 90 LBs ā€“ Play Fair
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