I’ve finally spent some time on our official Loyal K.N.G. Tumblr page. After visiting a few tumblrs blogs all day yesterday, I found myself infatuated with the idea of having a simplistic blogging platform where the focus was more on quotes, photos, and animated GIFs.

Loyal K.N.G. actually had it’s official tumblr page creation about 10 months ago, but back then I really didn’t have a clear approach to running with it. However, with us being 10 months more experienced and with loads of story to tell from our brand’s journey, I felt it was definitely the best time to start it back up and provide some fun supplemental lifestyle bits from the Loyal K.N.G. camp! Along with my reblogging of posts I feel helps in inspiring I’ll be creating original stuff like quotes on photos I’ve shot, animated gifs from random activities we’re involved with, and of course random brand doodles, notes, and sneak peeks of our upcoming projects! If you are a loyal supporter of the Loyal K.N.G. movement, I definitely recommend following the tumblr page. I’ll be working hard to keep it updated daily with tons of original content that cannot be found anywhere else but our Tumblr page!

Check the Loyal K.N.G. tumblr page here!

Also check out Loyal K.N.G.’s T-dragon aka Thien’s Tumblr page here!